Urinetown: The Musical

Nominated for 10 Tony awards (wins include: Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score), Urinetown: The Musical takes place in a grim Gotham-like city of the future where a 20-year drought has occurred. As a result, the government has banned private toilets and the citizens must use pay-to-pee toilets regulated by a monopolistic company, the Urine Good Company, which charges exorbitant prices. There are harsh laws ensuring that people pay to pee, and if they are broken the offender is sent to a penal colony called "Urinetown" never to return.

Hollmann and Kotis use musical theatre clichés ironically throughout the show, appropriating forms from traditional musical comedy (like Les Miserables, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Three Penny Opera, Chicago, Guys and Dolls, The Music Man, and more!) using them instead to create a postmodern Brechtian musical. Bertolt Brecht was a German director and writer who wanted audiences to think and analyze the theatre they were watching rather than get swept up in emotion. Brecht once wrote, “Nothing is more revolting than when an actor pretends not to notice that he has left the level of plain speech and started to sing.” Brecht wanted honesty on the stage, not the performance of honesty, therefore the actors in the Brechtian Urinetown acknowledge the act of singing onstage, and acknowledge the cliché’s of musical theatre. See if you can catch all the cliché’s and elements of musicals that are present in most big name traditional shows! Hail Malthus!

Rated PG

One 10-minute intermission

All seats are general admission. To reserve wheelchair accesible seats please call Eleni Papaleonardos at 740-641-5373.

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at Blanchard Performing Arts Center
3650 Reed Rd, Columbus, OH 43220